Defying the Empire: Star Wars Outlaws’ Rebellion Tactics

Defying the Empire: Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaw
Star Wars Outlaw

Star Wars Outlaws game single-player RPG takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, offering a fresh perspective on a galaxy far, far away.

Meet Kay Vess: The Scoundrel with a Score to Settle

Our protagonist, Kay Vess, isn’t your typical hero. She’s a scoundrel, a smuggler, and a master of survival. Her dream? To land a score that will grant her freedom and a place in the galaxy. But when a heist goes awry, Kay finds herself unexpectedly thrust into the underworld, becoming one of the galaxy’s most wanted. Her journey takes her through crime syndicates, treacherous negotiations, and dangerous missions.

Navigating the Underworld: Reputation Matters

In Star Wars Outlaws, dialogue choices impact your experience. Kay’s reputation with criminal organizations like the Pyke Syndicate, the Hutt Cartel, and Crimson Dawn plays a crucial role. Play nice, and you’ll gain territory and cool missions. Cross them, and their bounty hunters will be on your tail. It’s a delicate dance, and every decision matters.

The Empire Takes a Back Seat

What sets Star Wars Outlaws apart is its focus on the underworld. Kay hasn’t formed strong opinions about the Empire or the Rebellion. To her, they’re just obstacles in her way. Stormtroopers are sterile; bounty hunters, scoundrels, and weird aliens are colorful and interesting. It’s refreshing to see the Empire take a back seat, allowing other facets of the Star Wars universe to shine.

Gameplay: From Cantinas to Space Dogfights

As I explored bustling cities, cantinas, and iconic planets like Tatooine and Canto Bight, I felt immersed in the Star Wars lore. Kay’s speeder allowed me to race across sprawling landscapes, while her ship, the Trailblazer, engaged in thrilling dogfights with the Empire. The game’s branching dialogue system kept me engaged, and the promise of uncovering the whereabouts of Han Solo added an extra layer of excitement.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Star Wars Outlaws take place?

Star Wars Outlaws is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Are there Jedi in the game?

While none have been shown yet, the timeline suggests we might encounter Jedi or Sith.

Who are the main characters?

Kay Vess: Our scoundrel protagonist seeking freedom.

Nix: Kay’s loyal Merqaal companion.

ND-5: A battle-hardened droid commando.

What’s the gameplay like?

Expect exploration, combat, and space battles. The underworld’s reputation system adds depth.

Is it on Game Pass?

As of now, “Star Wars Outlaws” isn’t available on Game Pass.

A Scoundrel’s Tale

Star Wars Outlaws defies conventions, offering a fresh perspective on the Star Wars universe. As Kay Vess, I felt the weight of my choices and reveled in the galaxy’s seedy underbelly. So, grab your blaster, hop in your speeder, and prepare to defy the Empire—it’s time to carve your own path among the stars. May the Force (or lack thereof) be with you! 🚀