Star Wars Outlaws Stealth Techniques

Infiltrating the Empire: Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaw
Star Wars Outlaw

I’ve had my fair share of adventures across various virtual worlds. But nothing quite prepared me for the thrill of Star Wars Outlaws. Set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, this open-world action-adventure game takes us beyond the familiar Jedi lore and into the gritty underworld of the galaxy.

Updates and Setting

Star Wars Outlaws drops us right into the turmoil of the post-Hoth era. The focus shifts away from the Jedi, and we step into the shoes of Kay Vess, a cunning scoundrel with dreams of freedom. Alongside her is Nix, an adorable axolotl-like companion who’s more than meets the eye.

The World of Outlaws

The game’s open-world design lets us explore distinct planets across the galaxy. From bustling cities to wide-open plains, each location feels alive and teeming with secrets. And speaking of secrets, there’s a new moon called Toshara, inspired by East African savannas, waiting for us to uncover its mysteries.

Gameplay Experience

Stealth and Gadgets

Kay Vess isn’t your typical hero. She’s a master of stealth, and her toolkit reflects that. Here’s what she brings to the table:

Data Spike and Slicing Kit: These tools allow her to hack doors and systems. The mini-games involved 

keep things interesting.

Grappling Hook: Perfect for swinging across rooftops or escaping tight spots.

Electrobinoculars: Scouting enemies and interactable items? Check.

Smoke Bombs and Grenades: Sometimes subtlety isn’t an option.

Blaster Modules: Plasma for damage, Ion against shields and droids, and Stun for those one-hit wonders.

And then there’s Nix. This little companion can scan areas, distract guards, and even attack enemies. Imagine an axolotl rolling into view—distracting, adorable, and surprisingly effective.

Quests and Objectives

Three quests caught my attention during my playthrough:

The Relic: Stealing a relic from an Imperial space station. Stealth is key here, but Kay also has the option to go in blasters blazing.

False Flag: Destroying data and helping a Gallusian escape. Choices matter, and Kay’s reputation hangs in the balance.

The Wreck: Dogfights in space aboard her ship, the Trailblazer. It’s all about piloting skills and outmaneuvering foes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I play stealthily or go in guns blazing?

Absolutely! Kay’s optional objective in some missions is to avoid raising the alarm. Choose your approach wisely.

Q: What can Nix do?

Nix can attack guards, steal from them, distract enemies, and even place traps. Plus, he’s an excellent companion during those lonely climbs.

Q: Are there hidden treasures?

Yes! Keep an eye out for tantalizing chests while sneaking through Imperial stations.

Star Wars Outlaws is a breath of fresh air in the Star Wars gaming universe. It’s not just about lightsabers and Force powers—it’s about survival, cunning, and the thrill of being a scoundrel. So gear up, fellow gamers, and let’s infiltrate the Empire together. May the stealth be with you 1

The galaxy’s most wanted are counting on us. And who knows, maybe we’ll even cross paths with Jabba the Hutt along the way. Just don’t expect a 300-hour epic RPG—this adventure is about quality, not quantity. May the Force (and Nix) guide us! 🚀🌌